• Resin Cast
  • 1:12 scale or 100mm tall
  • 10 Parts (5" piece of metal rod will be provided)


An Ancient Greek inspired, 3 quarter fantasy bust. 



She was once an innocent mother of a newborn boy and wife of a strong and brave soldier who was away at the time fighting in the great war against the ’New dominion', an enormous and formidable force that had contaminated their lands. After her husband had been brutally slain in one of the worst battles yet Ptolema was distraught but ultimately furious. Eventually word spread that the enemy forces were drawing nearer, she changed and decided to do something about it. To save the lives of her fellow people and most importantly her dearest little boy the warrior blood rose from within her. She insisted that she go the frontline and deal with it herself.


SKU: FT002
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